Wednesday, December 30, 2015

TWRP for Redmi Note 3 for newbies

No-hassle flashing TWRP on your Redmi Note 3 which I had compile a simple script for easy going flashing.

-          Unlocked Bootloader devices.
-          Works ONLY on DEV ROM.
UPDATE:- Jan 16. 2016: Earlier limited to DEV ROM , now it is possible to work on Stable ROM...

INSTALLATION CONSTANTS: Unlocked Bootloader, Dev ROM V5.12.24 (MIUI7)ROOTED and have installed SuperSU binary. I have tested it on the STABLE ROM and it failed to work.


Unzipped and open the folder accordingly, as shown below:-

Next, double-click, on Flash_TWRP.bat and the command window will popped-up and READ & FOLLOW the instructions as per window, as shown below:-

At this stage you should see your Redmi Note 3 in the fastboot mode and the Mi Bunny mechanic, as shown below:-

You have successfully flashed TWRP on your Redmi Note 3 and hit enter and it will reboot the phone for you accordingly, as shown below:-

Just follow thru the instruction in the command window, to hit Enter when required to, and it will bring to TWRP recovery mode, as shown below:-

I am using hassle-free Flashify to switch over to Recovery mode or you could do it manually (press & hold the Vol Up + Power, and release after Mi logo), whenever I need to, as shown below:-

Some shoots of the installed TWRP recovery:-

CREDIT:- TWRP & yahyah206 For contributing a Hennessy 100% compatible TWRP img for my compilation with my batch file.


DISCLAIMER: DO ON YOUR OWN RISK. Flashing can potentially bricked or bootloop your device.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Observation on the BOOTLOADER UNLOCKED privilege

I have been doing all the hazardous stuffs with my Redmi Note 3, semi-bricked it and revived it again. What I experienced was, when I migrated from Dev ROM v5.12.24 to Stable ROM V7.0.19.0 by means of SP Flash Tool which wiped everything, it seem I had relinguished privileges of having Root Access and Bootloader Unlocked along the way. And mind you it is a non-permanent and fiasco thingy.

From, my personal observation, in order to acquire the Bootloader Unlocked, it is imperative to be done strictly with Development ROM.

The backdoor, is to have your redmi Note 3, Unlocked, then flashed TWRP and flash any other Stock or Custom ROM as required.

The other issue, yet a great feature, the security measure and keeping privacy tight, the Redmi Note 3 is the smartest among its silbings or big brothers, since with the implementation of Bootloader locked, is that WHENEVER YOU SUCCESSFULLY UNLOCKED YOUR BOOTLOADER USING REDMI NOTE 3 (UNIT #1) YOU ACTUALLY SIGN A MARRIAGE DEAL WITH IT UNTIL YOU FLASHED ANOTHER FLASHING TOOL. 

YOU CAN ONLY ASSOCIATE YOUR ACCOUNT TO TWO UNITS OF REDMI NOTE 3 AT ONE TIME (I do not know of the future release of phones) THE THIRD ONE WILL BE REJECTED AS AND WHEN YOU RELEASED IT. To do so you need to fastboot locked to be able to transfer, give or sell it to another party, so it is a mimick of an APPLE ID situation, including to sign-out from "FIND DEVICE" equavilant of "Find My iPhone: on an iPhone.


My screenshot to give you a thinker, as shown below:-

Monday, December 28, 2015

ROOT, TWRP, SuperSU & GApps for Redmi Note 3 [UNLOCKED]

After able to Unlocked the bootloader, many are searching how to ROOT with TWRP recovery especially for MIUI 7 Stable ROM, in order to flash a more customized ROM for eg. Languages convenience, installing ROOTED Apps and etc. 

CONSTANT: This is 100% Tested on WIN 7 Pro SP2 64-bit, will update WIN 10 Pro 64-bit status. What I had is a Stable ROM MIUI 7 V7.0.22.0.LHNCNCJ, and I wanted to ROOT via SuperSU, flash TWRP recovery and eventually install Open GApp.

THOUGHTS: Just want a feel of the SuperSU’s System-less root experiment, feels smooth and tasking on my phone has somewhat more responsive.



MediaTek USD VCOM drivers installer

After you done that open the "twrp+RN3_v4©" folder and double click on "Flash_TWRP.bat", as shown below:-

From here onwards, please follow the instruction as required on the command screen, as shown below:-

After completing the flash of TWRP, you will go into the TWRP Mount menu page, as follows:-

Caution: When you, Swipe to Allow Modification for the TWRP you might not get future update notification, so it is best to use KEEP READ ONLY option.

Then proceed to Main menu and choose, Select Zip File/sccard/Download/ UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.65, Swipe to Install, as shown below:-

Adjust the time to your time zone, and you could make backup and restore later, as shown below:-


Now you have SuperSU installed, and you can download a Root Checker to out whether ROOT has been done properly, as shown below:-

For those who wants to install, Google Play Store, you could download the latest file, as follows:-

Google Play Store & Apps

Choose, ARM64/Android 5.0/select what you need, and download...

Installing Open GApps actually making it a default App Store rather than Mi App Store and the same goes for Browser, Chrome will take dominance as a default browser. Locate "", and installing zip file is a cruise with TWRP, and follow, as shown below:

Now you are done with TWRP, SuperSU and installation of Google Play Store.

DISCLAIMER: DO ON YOUR OWN RISK. Flashing can potentially bricked or bootloop your device.

                                                              "Solving with simplicity"

Saturday, December 26, 2015


My Christmas surprise for the MIUIers...

Wow, I actually succeeded in UNLOCKING the BOOTLOADER,without even thinking of the risk of Bricking my Redmi Note 3 at all. For this one you can do without all those applying on the unlocking website procedurewith take ages to return you a code. What I did was using MiFlashUnlock on my Stable ROM v7.0.19.0.LHNCNCJ (MIUI7) which it gave me an error message and I proceeded with the Dev v5.12.24 (MIUI7) which was successfully done to unlock the bootloader.

Updated Jan 10, 2016: As of a day or two, the Mi Flash Unblock was able to Unblock when you are using Stable or Developer ROM....
And for those who are not sure of their status whether they have or not the permission to unlock, please use this link to find out:-

If you do qualify, then go ahead with this.

IMPORTANT: Log-in into your Mi Account and use that UID number and password, and make sure your Mi Account is activated, before going any further, as shown below:-

Firstly, download

And install, as shown below:-

Secondly, download

Updated: Jan 10, 2015

In Chinese:

Translated to English:

Quick links:

Launch MiFlashUnlock_1.0.1225.2, as shown below:-

Next, key in your Mi Account number, preferably your UID, as shown below:-

When you get this message, do retry again, normally it is due to server congestion, as shown below:-

If you come across the following screen, you cannot unlock, so head over to the link below:

This screen appear when you account has been given the permission to Unlock the bootloader, so just follow thru accordingly, as shown below:-

Switch-off your device, and Press and Hold, Vol Down button and Power button simultaneously to enter Fastboot mode, and plug-in via USB to your laptop/PC when you see the image, as shown below:-

The following screenshot will failed verification at 50%, this is because I purposely sign-out of my Mi Account on my Redmi Note 3 device, so you need to sign-in into your Mi Account on your device properly, as shown below:-

IMPORTANT: Updated 0200 Jan 15, 2016 – Tested and recommended by @rudi66 Credit & Thanks to his contribution.
  • Swipe up on your Home screen, and key GPS on the search bar, and goto GPS satellites, select High accuracy, make sure it looks like the screenshot below.
  • Launch your browser, goto on the URL bar and hit enter, sign-in, as shown below, until you get to see “Find device” and launch it.
  • Re-run the Mi Flash Unlock tool again and see whether you get thru.

UPDATED: Jan 14, 2016 - Now, sign-in into to find out, whether your device is properly connected and detected by the system, all the variables are correlated which is Find Device, Fingerprint, Mi Account and the device you sign-in into, if any of these variables is not properly done then most probably you are not going to make it. So let's run the acid test, this procedure will locate your device accordingly and will detect whether your device is online, as shown below:-

Once you got the Verifying Device Information, it will proceed with Unlocking process, as shown below:-

After it is Done, as shown above, press restart button to reboot to system, or press and hold your POWER button for 10 second to exit Fastboot mode.

NOTICE: This is for those who are using DEV ROM...

Switch your device. Goto Security > Permissions > Root access, and check "I understand the risks of root access" and click Root Access. It will automatically download "miui-ota-hennessy-5.12.24-5.12.24.root-5668142ffa-5.0" for you and update by itself accordingly, as shown below:-

After the installation and reboot, your device will have root access, as shown below:-

I have installed Root checker, SuperSU & Flashify, to verify root, and give further access to (Rooted Required Apps) using SuperSU, as shown below:-

Now your Redmi Note 3 is ROOTED...

Disclaimer: DO IT AT YOUR RISK. Flashing can potentially bricked or bootloop your device.