Monday, December 21, 2015

First 56th hour with Redmi Note 2

Now, that I have the Redmi Note 2 running MIUI 2GB RAM 16GB ROM for 56 hours, I experienced more irritating bloatware and advertisement popping up quite frequently right in the midst of messaging or doing other task.


Charging the phone was my biggest hurdle, it is just taking too long to fully charge the phone. Initially, it took 12 hours. I tried using the using the 2.0A charger that came with the Redmi, Anker 5-Port USB Desktop Charger which has 2.1A and 1.0A ports for my iPhone and iPad, and my APC 2.1A powerbank. Just did not do the job. I can confirm there definitely a battery or motherboard problem, definitely the fast charging is not in place. Am going to try the new ROM upgrade tomorrow, and see whether it is the software.

Being a benchmark freak, I ran the Antutu Benchmark v5.7.1, then, a system message popped suggesting I download the 64bit version. Got that done, ran the test with power setting on “Performance”. Hahaha, the test just stopped after reaching 76%. Yet, I am puzzled again. With an expectation of getting 40k plus result. Yet another disappointment underway, so I cheated the benchmark by plugging it to the power source, only then it did complete the test with disappointing result, a far cry from the reviews made on it.



Something to note, as I was replying to MIUI forum and inserting images, suddenly a new error message “running low on memory” and I felt that is strange, equipped with a 2GB RAM is quite sufficient to do this small multi-tasking job, right? Then I checked, I had only four tasks out of two apps opened, which is 3 tabs of Chrome and Facebook app. You kidding me, right? Maybe the other variant of 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM would actually be more practical.

Battery life on the Redmi Note 2 is still bugging me, I have my iPhone 6s Plus and the battery drain pattern is so consistent that I need a 5000mAh APC power bank to suffice my daily use and my Android phone being my secondary backup. With this option, my Redmi Note 2 is sucking so much juice in such a short period of time, despite having a 3060 mAh battery size.

The 13-megapixel shooter is really the strong pointer, pictures are clear and crisp. But, sadly, when there are a few apps running on the background, the camera lagged so bad that I lost a few shots which was not saved for reason unknown.

Next, the screen and resolution is great with a shortfall of the light sensor not working smoothly.

Lastly, the much hyped about Infrared Remote control app, which is nowhere to be found. And yes, the mechanism is there alright. And I had to google the MIUI forum, and I managed to get an APK with some English translation meant for the Chinese market from one of the user.

Hopefully, with the much awaited Global Stable ROM tomorrow, we the MIUI will get the betterment and benefit from the upgrades.

This is my unbiased user hands-on experience and thoughts based on the mentioned product and its interactions.

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