Sunday, December 20, 2015

Google Apps package for Redmi Note 2/Prime for intermediate

Ever since, I got my Redmi Note 3 which comes installed witha China ROM, hence there is no Google Play Store pre-installed. I decided to install Open GApps instead of Google Installer.apk which kinda of outdated.

About Open GApps:-

Open GApps is a Google Apps package developed Open GApps Team, which allow for the automated creation of new up-to-date packages automatically. They offer several variations from a Google Aroma Package (with original Google Nexus file system structure) to Pico (minimum apps with Google Play functionality) to suit your requirement.


Device is ROOTED. No root access, just read my thread to flash TWRP and get rooted, as such:-

Preferably, use TWRP recovery which is an alternative to CWM to do installation of the GApps, rather than the latter which is not as friendly to get a perfect result.

Download Open GApps on your device and click the link below:-

Then, Choose Platform: ARM64, Android: 5.0, Variant: Choose the package you need. I personally chose aroma, because I could choose which Google app I want to install from the installation menu, as shown below:-

Option One:

Next switch off your device, then press the volume up button and power button simultaneously into the TWRP recovery mode.

Choose, Install > Select Zip File/sdcard/Download/

After a few minute it will be installed accordingly, go back to the TWRP main menu and choose Wipe/Advanced Wipe/ choose Wipe, Dalvik cache & cache. Finally, Reboot to System.

Now, you have successfully installed the Google Apps and functionality.

Option Two: (with Flashify app installed, it is just a breeze to flash Open GApps) To know more, click the link:-

Open Flashify app, goto Flash/Zip file/choose a file/File explorer/Internal storage/Download/, as shown below:-

In the pop-up menu, tick TWRP or Philz option, then tick, Wipe Cache, Wipe Dalvik & Wipe Data and click "YUP!", as shown below:-

TWRP recovery will flash it accordingly, as you could actually see the process of flashing, and you got an option to save log and continue with the reboot. After it boots up again, it will finish off with installation.

Now, you have successfully installed the Google Apps and functionality.

App Source:

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