Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Flash Stock ROM with SP Flash Tool on Redmi Note 3

I am compelled to write this tutorial with the urgency to assist those having the fear or simply not knowing "How To". Between my 2 units of Redmi Note 3, I have experiment, probably a dozen times into flashing and other stuffs which is not a pleasant experience, as I do get my heart tumbling, when I come to a point when I am not able to switch on my device or laying there motionless, so to speak. Anyway, it is quite difficult to get a bootloop or to bricked your device with some acquired skills. 
This is a "Successful Hands-on" experience which I simply need to share especially with the newbies, and overcoming the fear to do a right thing...

Constant:- System Windows 7 Pro SP1 & Windows 10 Pro with a pre-loaded MIUI 7.1 Stable (LHNCNCJ) ROM from the vendor.

SP Flash Tool can perform image flashing which is very useful for fixing softbrick or bootloop cases through the flashing of Stock ROM to restore the factory defaults. 

  • Flash Stock Rom
  • Flash Recovery
  • Memory Test
  • Parameter Setting
  • Format Device / Hard Reset
Let's get started with flashing a Stock ROM:-

What you need:-

Be sure to Enable USB Debugging:-

Go to About phone > tap MIUI version at least 7 times to activate the Developer options. Go to Additional settings > Developer options > USB debugging > Enable it.

The required files, as shown below:-

IMPORTANT:-  Next, you need to install drivers in order to connect your device properly, just extract Driver_Auto_Installer_v1.1236.00.zip, and double-click "Install.bat", and it will automatically install the necessary drivers, and allow permissions for these drivers to be installed.

CHECK:- You should have at least more than 50% battery remaining and switch off your phone at the same time. 

Unzipped, both SP_Flash_Tool_exe_Windows_v5.1516.00.zip and 

Next, goto the Hennessy_images_V7.0.16.0.LHNCNCJ folder, move the "MT6795_Android_scatter.txt" into the "signed_bin" folder, as shown below:-

To install SP Flash Tool, right click your mouse and "Run As Administrator" and change the language to English accordingly, as shown below:-

Next click on the "Download Agent" and locate "DA_SWSEC.bin" from the unzipped SP Flash Tool folder earlier and click Open, as shown below:-

Next click on the "Scatter loading" button and locate the "MT6795_Android_scatter" from the unzipped Hennessy_images_V7.0.16.0.LHNCNCJ.tgz folder earlier and click Open, as shown below:-

IMPORTANT:- Updated: Jan 14, 2015
1. Preloader "Tick or Untick" field:
  • If you are using a vendor ROM, in most cases they have altered the MIUI Version via a Build.prop editor to their choice, eg. which is based on officially, leave it "as-it-is" "Ticked".
  • If you have flashed prior to this, a Custom ROM eg. SphinX v*.** only then you "Untick" or get back to the OP and enquire how to flash to a Stock / Proprietary ROM / Firmware or another Custom ROM to avoid corrupting your kernel thereafter "Bricking" your device. Should you "Bricked" your device, there are procedures to unwind that.
2. Recovery field: 
  • If you have flashed TWRP on your device prior to these, you can "Untick" to keep your TWRP recovery, otherwise it will it wipe it off.
3. Logo: 
  • If you have alreaady customized your logo, other than the Mi logo and keep it, you can "Untick" it.

Now click the "Download" button. 

DEVICE: Still in Off-state, PRESS and HOLD the Vol (-) Down (release only when the yellow bar comes out), immediately, followed by connecting your device to the PC/Laptop via USB Cable.

TESTED: Jan 16, 2016
For users how do have an error message while using method of Press & Hold “Volume Down” button, you could alternatively use the combo option of Press & Hold “Vol Down + Power” button and release upon sighting the Chip Info box on your left.

You will immediately see the progress bar going Red, Purple momentarily, and Yellow for a  few minutes until the flashing process is complete, as shown below:-

When it is completed and successful, you see the 100%, yellow full bar and a big check mark.

You have successfully flashed the current Stable MIUI 7  V7.0.19.0 LHNCNCJ and your phone will then reboot itself accordingly.

Error messages you may encounter, as shown below:-

This message will popped-up when you are press the wrong combination keys...

This will popped-up when the version of your SP Flash Tool is not compatible...

DISCLAIMER:- Flashing can potentially bootloop or softbrick your device. DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Apps source:-  spflashtool & miui
Credit to:- UnknownAX for highlighting the correct SP Flash Tool version.


  1. kalau location drive itu gak muncul otomatis caranya gimana gan?

  2. at the last step I am not able to flash.
    plz tell after clicking download first we have to connect phone and then reinsert or how?
    bcz mine says 2004 error

  3. After you click download then plug in the USB DATA cable...

  4. After you click download then plug in the USB DATA cable...

  5. I see red bar, but it stuck there. Now i can't restart flash process. What can i do?

    1. It could be a driver problem, try to reinstall again from your platform (X86 or X64).

    2. i have re-installed drivers in a win 10 and in a win 7 pc and in both driver name is DA USB VCOM Port. And it's going any further. It seems like pc does not see phone, but i believe that it's phone fault.

  6. Erm...Hey. I tried to root my Redmi Note 3 some days ago and the first 2 reboots went fine but in the 3rd one my phone got stuck on logo/loading screen. Bootloop..is it called? Anyway,I've seen you almost everywhere and I want to help me in any possible way please. I bought it a week ago and I don't want to lose 250$ already. If possible contact me on my E-mail.

  7. thanks sharing

    check latest version for SPD upgrade Tool
    SPD upgrade Tool

  8. i have stable rom in note 3 how can i change into global rom because some default apps are in chinese and its realy hard to read :(

  9. heya, i keep getting an error with sp flash tools it says ENABLE DRAM FAIL

    Do you have any ideas? please help

  10. i am using a multi-language stable rom 7.1.6 and i want to change to a full official developer rom. Is this the right way? and which of the boxes have to left in "tick"? I saw in other forums that the change also the download only to format all + download in the spflash tool. Any help??

  11. Hi all. I have the message pops up as you mentioned was due to wrong combination key. I have tried the volume down, volume down + power but the process will just end at red bar and same message pops up. Kindly advice.

  12. My Redmi Note 3 is loaded with a ROM as MultiROM (MR 7.0 Stable), can I flash it to use this step ? and do I'm need to untick the "Preloader" field ??


  13. Hi, thank you very much for help. I am going to test that in the near future. Cheers

    Xiaomi Mobile Covers

  14. I'm using " by Loxar"
    Untick or tick preloader ?
    What's for me?

  15. Ot alwaysget Processed til 35-36 second's and later it wil show as NOT ENOUGH STORAGE AVAILABLE TO PROCESS THIS COMMAND. MAX BUFFER SECTOR IS 256. please help me

  16. harus pke win 10 yah? pake win7 koq mtp nya gagal aja

    1. ga bro..bisa pake win 7..tp jgn rom china ky yg d atas..nyesel ntr..jelekk..cari rom global..utk tutorial saat mtp,,vol +- tekan dulu baru konekin ke usb(usb dah tersambung dlu d pc) nekan volume nya sampe flashing warna kuning baru lepas..good luck

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  21. i try to edl mode.. but it's not working, when i run in command window and command adb fastboot edl, it response device isn't found..
    what i do?
    View — uploads.disquscdn.com View — uploads.disquscdn.com View — uploads.disquscdn.com View — uploads.disquscdn.com View — uploads.disquscdn.com
    i m unable to update my Redmi note 3 rom. its bootload locked and i can not see Oem Lock option as well. so kindly tell me how to unlock my set. i tried almost all method but failed to unlock it. it has miui7 v LHNCNDD. i want install latest Miui8

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  28. I always got a message BROOM ERROR :STORAGE NOT MATCH (3178) for my redmi note 3. How to fix it?

  29. i always get on "fastboot" logo after i plug in usb cable on laptop

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