Sunday, March 6, 2016

Diagnostic tool - Trepn Profiler

The Trepn Profiler is a diagnostic tool designed to measure and profile the power consumption of Android applications on mobile devices.The Trepn Profiler lets you track power, CPU, memory, and network usage to better understand and optimize application power performance. 

It is designed to help you identify apps that hog your CPU, consume excess data or drain your battery. Although Trepn Profiler runs on most Android devices, additional features are available when used with devices featuring Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processors, a product of Qualcomm Technologies,Inc.

Just click on the Trepn Profiler Icon to download the apk file directly to your device.

Key Features
  • Six fast-loading profiling presets
  • Runs on devices with Snapdragon, Exynos, MediaTek and other processors
  • Real-time view of individual CPU cores
  • View network usage (cellular and Wi-Fi)
  • Overlays appear on top of applications being profiled
  • Monitor GPU frequency and load
  • Advanced mode to manually select data points and save data for later analysis
  • No ads, analytics or data collection
  • Displays device power consumption in mW

Advanced Mode Features
  • Profile your device or a single app
  • Choose from up to 33 different data points
  • Offline data analysis – Save profiling data so you can analyze it at a later time
  • Displays absolute or delta battery power measurements in mW or mA
  • View processor and battery temperature
  • View profiling data four different ways
  • Display two data points in a single overlay
  • Save settings, data points and overlays for quick access
  • Change the data collection interval to reduce load and allow longer profiling sessions

Special Features for Developers
  • Android Intents - Trepn Profiler can display markers from your code alongside other data points to pinpoint the cause of power and processor spikes
  • External control - You can start or stop profiling from an external script or another Android application, a big advantage in automated testing environments

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